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About Me

Stacey Longshore

I’d like to welcome you to the Sweet Life Kitchen! After deciding to stay home with my children in 2012, I began asking God for a way to supplement the lost income of full time work. I never made homemade caramel, but in the fall of 2012, I fell in love with Honey Crisp apples and thought, “These would be fabulous with some caramel!”  I decided to create a small pot of caramel... and magic happened; the pairing of the two was divine! I loved it. My family loved it. And soon others that tried my caramel apples did too. I never imagined I would be making thousands of these beauties every year. I’m so thankful for the good thing God gave to my family!


Over the years we’ve experimented with over 20 different flavors. Our fan favorites are now available on this site. After making thousands of caramel apples, I still haven’t grown tired of making these delicious treats. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do something I love and look forward to serving you!

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